Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lahore and I

And old painting of old Lahore
This is my first post at 'Lahore and I.'

I being from Lahore have so much to say that is exclusive to Lahore. I want to talk about the places where I lived and walked. Schools and college I went to and all those people I met in Lahore form my childhood to my youth - the many eateries of Lahore where I devoured to my full the many delicacies of Lahore - in fact this blog is everything about Lahore, and I.

Why I named the blog so, well I had an earlier blog 'Mera Lahore,' but many friends told me that people no understanding Urdu would not know the meaning of the blog and I needed to change it. So while pondering over for a new name, the title of an old film by Yul Brynner 'The King and I' just struck me that I watched in Lahore decades ago in my childhood. So I changed King with Lahore, for Lahore has been very dear to kings and queens during the Mogul empire and tombs of Jahangir and Noor Jahan are located in Lahore. 

There is so much about Lahore to be shared and through this blog, I will continue to write about Lahore as I saw it.

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